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Creature comforts in the sky

With deluxe leather interior for exceptional comfort, the WACO Biplane includes all the modern conveniences in a classic aircraft.

A trip back in time

Our modern-day build WACO incorporates the traditional 1930’s Biplane design with the power and technology of the 21st century.

A flight to remember

Take a ride in our customised WACO Biplane. It’s an unforgettable open cockpit ride for you, and perhaps someone special – ‘We take two’.

Waco Biplane

Enjoy the view and the wind in your hair while cruising in the ‘Cadillac of the sky’. Affectionately known as Marilyn, the WACO Classic Biplane flawlessly revives the magic of the golden age of aviation by retaining the classic elegance of the open-air cockpit with modern digital aero-electronics.

This plane is a seamless hybrid of both the old and new. While the aircraft itself is a longstanding design, the technology enabling many essential systems has been upgraded and modernised. Stay warm and protected while the breeze shoots by, and take in the amazing views while cruising the skies.

In this three-seat aircraft, the pilot sits in the back whilst the two passengers sit in the front. With this 270 horsepower aircraft, you’ll cruise along comfortably in the sky and feel at home with the birds.

If you crave romance and nostalgia, the classic WACO Biplane is the perfect aircraft for you. You and your partner will feel part of a different era when you’re up in the clouds. We can assure you that the WACO Biplane will take you on a journey to the sky as well as a journey back in time.

WACO initially was the abbreviation for Weaver Aviation Company of Ohio, incorporated in 1919. This original design was favored by the 1930’s executive businessman and barnstormer, and was popular for services including private use and postal services. The aircraft company is still in operation to this day, hand crafting a select few of these aircraft each year for discerning owners.

Aircraft details

Video - Waco cruising past Caloundra

Happy customer testimonials

Client David

It always was my dream to be a fighter pilot. But THIS joy flight satisfied me! This was an excellent experience. All barrel rolls and G forces were preplanned prior to departure by the very professional pilot Steve. What a great experience. No head jerks, very smooth. Yes, there was aircon. And what a backdrop – Stradbroke island off Brisbane! OMG it was a dream come true for me! Heartily recommend this to anyone. Lovely scenery. The L39 Albatross is an agile and elegant jet plane!

Client Craig

50th birthday present, how good are the crew. Very professional they carry the passion in their hearts and give you so much confidence before the flight it feels like you have done it all before. Will be returning for a few more flights. Great stuff and thanks again.

Client April

Amazing !! The experience was a gift for my partner, he absolutely loved it!! Wonderful, friendly team of pilots and had the opportunity to meet one of the CEO’s who showed us around his very own Mustang. Highly recommend this unique and unforgettable experience ��

Client Dianne

I was given this opportunity as a birthday present and of every present or crazy things I have done, this was by far the most enjoyable experience of my life so far. The team were so professional and fastastic to deal with and made me feel so compfortable. You will not regret this one bit!!!!

Client Andrew

I was given a flight in an L39 Albatross jet fighter trainer for my 50th which I had today. What an experience! the whole experience was excellent and I would definately recommend this to anyone, it was amazing. The team at Fighter Pilot were great, and the pilot Cameron was excellent. We did all sorts of aerobatic manouvres that were fantastic.
Dont go anywhere other than Fighter Pilot if you want the best,


What a blast – another adventure off my bucket list. My father was a WW11 Spitfire fighter pilot and was awarded a DFC & Legion of Honour for his role in D Day. He has now passed and I have always wanted to experience a flight in a WW11 fighter. My first wish was a Spitfire and if not available a P51 Mustang.

John Classic warbird aficionado
Client Daniel

What an awesome experience in the back seat of Steadfast.. super helpful and friendly team and the flying experience was entirely out of this world. How many can say they have flown in a formation with and tail chased a Mustang while flying in a World Record holding Yakovlev.. simply beyond words!!!!! Real Bucket list stuff!

Daniel Happy customer
Client Graham

“Dream come true! Went out in the Mustang with super-pilot Cam and had the time of my life! Heaps of fantastic aeros and awesome views of Brisbane and Moreton Bay. It was an awesome experience being inverted in a barrel roll and a loop. This is truly a bucket list experience that I have just put a massive tick beside!”

Graham Loving the rush
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Our Waco Biplane is a stunning aircraft - browse our photos below.

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