Combat Flights

Leave your day job behind and become a Fighter Pilot for a day! Take over the controls of your aircraft as you accelerate through the skies against an opponent. Experience the thrill of air-to-air combat as you wage a battle for aerial dominance where there can be only one victor.

Flying REAL high-performance airplanes under the expert guidance of the Fighter Pilot Team, YOU are at the controls of the air-to-air combat tactics that lead your team to victory! With no flight experience required, you can take charge of your own mission! We’ll teach you the art of basic fighter manoeuvres, which will enable you to outwit your opponent and strike the kill.

Dogfight another Fighter Pilot aircraft through the sky, and feel the satisfaction when your opponents smoke machine signals that you’ve hit your target! Once you’re crowned ‘King of the Skies’, we’ll change your tactics to an air-to-ground mission to destroy your target on a low-level bombing run!

This is the ultimate competitive challenge! Ideal for groups of two or more, challenge your partner, friend, boss or even one of the Fighter Pilot team members!