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Yak-3 Steadfast

The Yakovlev Yak-3 was a WWII Soviet fighter aircraft and was one of the most feared aircrafts in combat due to their high speed and maneuverability. With these classic YAK-3 qualities, Steadfast was adapted for air racing and successfully holds several world speed and climbing records. Take Steadfast out for an adventure flight and use it to simulate combat missions, adventure missions or low flying strafing.

At Fighter Pilot, we offer you an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly in the world record holding Yak-3 Steadfast. This aircraft holds an ‘unheard of’ grand total of nine world records.

The Yak-3 Steadfast was a World War II Soviet fighter aircraft that proved to be formidable in the art of dog fighting. Its incredibly efficient and maneuverable power-to-weight ratio allows for precision close range aerial dogfights.

The Yak-3 Steadfast is bound to impress you with its elegant aerobatics and combat maneuvers of up to 4 Gs. It will amaze you with its world-renowned race-speed acceleration and climbing ability, which broke the international world speed records in 2011 by reaching 655km/h over a 3km course in Utah.

This aircraft will shift all your expectations and understanding of fighter jets, and maybe even aviation technology more broadly. Light and agile, yet staggeringly robust, you’ll feel like anything is possible when you’re soaring through the sky in the Yak-3 Steadfast.

Weight: Empty 4,641 lbs., Max Takeoff 5,864 lbs.
Wing Span: 30ft. 2.25in.
Length: 27ft. 10.25in.
Height: 7ft. 11.25in.
Maximum Speed: 407 mph
Range: 559 miles
Armament: One engine-mounted 20-mm ShVAK cannon
Two 12.7-mm (0.5-inch) UBS machine guns
Number Built: 4,848 (Original 1940s-era models)
Number Still Airworthy: At least 5 newly-manufactured aircraft.


Powered by the revered 1750hp Pratt and Whitney R2000 engine, this beast boasts immense power.



Flying in Steadfast comes with the added advantage of making your mark on the skies. Fly high with the custom-built spiral smoke generators on and show everyone on the ground your exhilarating experience!



Treat yourself or someone special to a ride in this world record-holding aircraft.


Yak-3 SteadFast Bronze

Enjoy an adrenaline pumping simulated aerobatic combat mission over stunning Moreton Bay.

Duration: 25 Minutes (approx.)

From AUD

Yak-3 SteadFast Silver

Enjoy an adrenaline pumping simulated aerobatic combat mission over stunning Moreton Bay.

Duration: 30 Minutes (approx.)

From AUD

Yak-3 SteadFast Gold

Enjoy an adrenaline pumping simulated aerobatic combat mission. Choice of Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Beaches or South East Queensland Lake’s and Glass House Mountains.

Duration: 35 Minutes (approx.)

From AUD

Yak-3 SteadFast Platinum

Enjoy an adrenaline pumping simulated aerobatic combat mission. Northern New South Wales, Byron Bay, Hinterland, Mount Warning.

Duration: 40 Minutes (approx.)

From AUD

WWII Fighter Air to Air Combat

Fighter Pilot are pleased to offer the only genuine WWII fighter combat adventure in the southern hemisphere! Choose between our North American P-51D Mustang or our famous world record holding Yak-3 SteadFast.

Duration: 35 Minutes (approx.)

From AUD



“Dream come true! Went out in the Mustang with super-pilot Cam and had the time of my life! Heaps of fantastic aeros and awesome views of Brisbane and Moreton Bay. It was an awesome experience being inverted in a barrel roll and a loop. This is truly a bucket list experience that I have just put a massive tick beside! Thanks so much to Brad, Cam and Bec at Fighter Pilot adventure flights!”

- Graham Gill

“What an awesome experience in the back seat of Steadfast. Super helpful and friendly team and the flying experience was entirely out of this world. How many people can say they have flown in a formation with and tail chased a Mustang while flying in a World Record holding Yakovlev. Simply beyond words! Real bucket list stuff!”

- Daniel Drake

“Really great flight in the Yak 52 – all of the staff were really friendly and helpful. I recommend this to anybody looking for some great fun.”

- Jack Van Veldhuizen

“What a blast – another adventure off my bucket list. My father was a WWII Spitfire fighter pilot and was awarded a DFC & Legion of Honour for his role in D Day. He has now passed and I have always wanted to experience a flight in a WWII fighter. My first wish was a Spitfire and if not available a P-51 Mustang. Finding a two-seater fighter is not easy but Fighter Pilot solved the problem. Thanks to Cameron and his P-51D I was able to experience the thrills, power and adrenalin of a flight in a Mustang. This was the ultimate flight and a dream come true. Thanks to Rebecca, Cameron & Fighter Pilot team for the experience. The DVD was a bonus to maintain the memory.”

- John Cowpe

“The Fighter Pilot experience really is unreal! I never thought I’d get the chance to barrel roll through the sky in a L-39 and feel those G’s. I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you have a Top-Gun fan in your life! It’s the perfect gift that will change their life. Thank you so much Fighter Pilot – I will certainly be back for more!”

- Kelly Forbes
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