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Will I get airsick?

At Fighter Pilot, we do everything in our power to prevent people from getting airsick. All of our flights use a building block approach, starting with basic maneuvers and working our way up to more advanced profiles. At any point, we encourage our customers to communicate their comfort level and we are happy to take a break between maneuvers to give your stomach a chance to catch up.

It is a common misconception that you should fly on an empty stomach. The truth is that you should adhere to your normal habit patterns. While it may not be advisable to eat a breakfast buffet just before your flight, you should have something substantial in your stomach. Though you should always stay hydrated, it is advised to stay away from alcohol before an aerobatic flight.

When applicable, we encourage customers to do as much flying as possible during the flight. The more you immerse yourself in the experience, the less likely we are to get sick. Incidentally, the most common cause of airsickness at Fighter Pilot is due to hangovers.

If you feel that you are susceptible to motion sickness, we recommend a Dramamine tablet the night prior, and another one 1 to 2 hours before your flight.

How safe is Fighter Pilot?

Safety is the #1 priority at Fighter Pilot. Most of our aircraft are military designed and served in many armed forces around the world. The aircraft’s design to withstand combat and having zero prohibited maneuvers is a testament to the strength and engineering. 

Fighter Pilot has amassed a perfect safety record with zero injuries since we opened. This perfect track record is testament to the experience and professionalism of the pilots and staff of Fighter Pilot. All of our pilots are chosen for their maturity, experience and unique qualifications that make them the best in the business.

What are your age, height and weight restrictions?

Age Limits: minimum 14 years old

Weight Restrictions
Yak 52: Between 36kg (80 lbs) & 120kg (265 lbs)
L-39 Albatros: No more than 136kg (300 lbs)

Height Restrictions:
No taller than 6’6″ (201 cm)

Apparel Restrictions:
Enclosed shoes and comfortable cloths. Flight suits are available. 

Am I healthy enough to participate?

For safety, you should be in good health and free from heart, back or neck problems as well as high blood pressure, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride.

If you have any questions as to your fitness for this experience, you should consult your doctor.

Do you offer discounts for large groups?

We are pleased to offer discounts for groups of 4 or more.

Please contact our office at +61 7 3274 3007 or flights@fighterpilot.com.au for a custom quote.

How many people can you accommodate in one day?

Normally we operate up to seven flights per aircraft.

With advance notice of 30 days we can organise large group booking and corporate events. Our maximum capacity per day is 20 flying customers in the Yak-52, and 16 flying passengers in the L-39 Albatros.

We can accommodate groups as long as some guests are willing to do Spectator rides. Please call us on 0415 601 770 to discuss further.

What are your hours of operation?

Our phone lines are manned 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm. 
All visits to our office, located in Brisbane, Queensland are by appointment only.
Please call the Fighter Pilot team to arrange an appointment.

We are closed Christmas Day and most public holidays.

Do you travel to other cities?

We are happy to put the show on the road and bring Fighter Pilot to you! We have taken our aircraft and pilots to various parts of Queensland, New South Wales and as far away as South Australia to support corporate events, charity fundraisers, incentives and some pretty big parties.

How far in advance should I book?

We often fill up on weekends and holidays, so advanced bookings are strongly recommended to reserve your preferred date and time. Book now to confirm your time and preferred date.

Can I bring my friends and family?

Absolutely! Our flagship Fighter Pilot headquarters in Brisbane is truly a sight and serves as a tribute to our rich aviation history. You will be surprised by our panoramic views of Brisbane city.

How do I book a third party voucher?

If you would like to redeem a voucher from a third party supplier such as Adrenaline, Red Balloon or a similar website please contact us via email at flights@fighterpilot.com.au and we will organise your adventure with us.

Can I bring a camera with me?

We recommend you bring a camera to have photos taken on the ground and with the aircraft, however unsecured objects are not permitted in the cockpit. We offer optional Flight Footage which means you can just sit back and take it all in rather than viewing it through a camera lens.

Can I get a video of my flight?

Yes, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight we offer full HD-video recordings of our flights on SD Cards.

Can I buy a memento of my flight?

Yes! We have hats, shirts and patches available for our aircraft. 

How long is my gift voucher valid for?

Gift Vouchers are valid for three years from date of purchase, subject to the following:  
  1. Your flight must be booked and taken within 12 months of your voucher date.
  2.  After this date, the value of your voucher will remain valid to use towards any flight on www.fighterpilot.com.au until the expiry date. 
  3. After 12 months, if the price of the flight has increased, an additional amount will need to be paid at the time of booking.
  4. If the flight is no longer available, the value of the voucher can be used on another flight.  
  5. Gift vouchers can not be redeemed for cash, however they can be transferred provided they are still valid. 
  6. Refunds do not apply to gift vouchers.

I have a voucher but I am unable to use it. Can I get a refund or redeem it for cash?

Unfortunately no! But the vouchers are transferable so you can give it to a relative or a close friend as a gift. Please see out terms and conditions for more information.

What happens if I do not show for my flight?

If you do not turn up for your scheduled flight this is considered a ‘no show’ and your voucher/order will expire, so keep in touch.



“Dream come true! Went out in the Mustang with super-pilot Cam and had the time of my life! Heaps of fantastic aeros and awesome views of Brisbane and Moreton Bay. It was an awesome experience being inverted in a barrel roll and a loop. This is truly a bucket list experience that I have just put a massive tick beside! Thanks so much to Brad, Cam and Bec at Fighter Pilot adventure flights!”

- Graham Gill

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- Trip Advisor Reviews

“What an awesome experience in the back seat of Steadfast. Super helpful and friendly team and the flying experience was entirely out of this world. How many people can say they have flown in a formation with and tail chased a Mustang while flying in a World Record holding Yakovlev. Simply beyond words! Real bucket list stuff!”

- Daniel Drake
This was my second flight with the team at Fighter Pilot. Last time I flew on the L39 and this time I chose the Mustang.
My hubby decided to come along and try the L39. We upgraded to the Platinum and am so glad I did, the team flew us in formation all the way to the Gold Coast. Being so close to each other in the air was amazing.
The aerobatics on the Mustang was a treat, I was surprised as to how smooth it was.
Our Pilots Steve and Cameron were so accommodating and really went above and beyond for us. I can't thank them enough for such an incredible experience.
These flights are super addictive and will start saving up to do this again
- Dannii49 - Trip Advisor

“Really great flight in the Yak 52 – all of the staff were really friendly and helpful. I recommend this to anybody looking for some great fun.”

- Jack Van Veldhuizen
I have an 18 year old that is interested in a flying career - he has had a lesson or two and I hoped that this experience would help him make more informed decisions about what direction he would aim for. Career advice is not exactly what this company does – however Steve and his team took extra time and effort to explain various aspects to us and answered all our questions concisely and patiently. The reason became obvious – these people are absolutely passionate about flying and it is contagious. Friendly, patient and professional. Also they explained the risks and how it will be managed throughly - Other Australian tourism focused companies should send their staff to come observe how it is done.
- Jan M - Trip Advisor

“What a blast – another adventure off my bucket list. My father was a WWII Spitfire fighter pilot and was awarded a DFC & Legion of Honour for his role in D Day. He has now passed and I have always wanted to experience a flight in a WWII fighter. My first wish was a Spitfire and if not available a P-51 Mustang. Finding a two-seater fighter is not easy but Fighter Pilot solved the problem. Thanks to Cameron and his P-51D I was able to experience the thrills, power and adrenalin of a flight in a Mustang. This was the ultimate flight and a dream come true. Thanks to Rebecca, Cameron & Fighter Pilot team for the experience. The DVD was a bonus to maintain the memory.”

- John Cowpe

“The Fighter Pilot experience really is unreal! I never thought I’d get the chance to barrel roll through the sky in a L-39 and feel those G’s. I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you have a Top-Gun fan in your life! It’s the perfect gift that will change their life. Thank you so much Fighter Pilot – I will certainly be back for more!”

- Kelly Forbes
So good!
Not only was the flight definitely worth the cost and all I could have asked for, but the opportunity to see some of the vintage aircraft up close was incredible. The friendly people added to this experience as it was great to chat and see so many people passionate about the same thing, great community!
I felt safe the entire time and once again the professionalism and knowledge of everyone there was amazing. Will definitely be doing this again at some point and I’d like to thank everyone there, particularly Cam for being great pilot and good bloke! Also would like to mention Peter as he took some photos for us and was interesting to talk to.
- Lewis P - Trip Advisor
Definitely one the best experiences I have ever had (and I've had a few) Steve and Paul are professional, friendly and just great blokes.
Steve took me up in the L39 albatross (which was immaculate) Steve made me feel safe and comfortable through the whole experience, keeping me constantly updated and aware of what was coming up... Top gun stuff!!
From the pre flight brief, through the flight, to the post flight brief, all world class!
I haven't been able to wipe the smile of my face, and tell everyone I know
- Richard A - Trip Advisor
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